... so far the biggest of the PONY construction sets.


Of course, with this set you can build everything from the previous types, and in addition an airplane, robot, car and other things. Other preferences include a big chair for a cart or a comfortable seat on a scooter. If you have already read basic information about the types of PONY construction sets, we need not mention here that the toys are big and strong enough for your children to be able to romp around on them.

Still don’t have any of the PONY construction sets??? Never mind, you can start off with the first type, PONY 02. It contains twice as many pieces as the PONY 01, so the toys you can build from it are really more robust, and your kids can use them together if they are smaller or alone if they are older.


Samples of constructions - PONY 02

Further information

Each set contains a catalog that shows all the instructions and assemblies that you can put together from the PONY 02. Children can also use their imagination and creativity here on a larger scale than in other types of PONY construction sets. This type of construction set really does contain a lot of pieces. If the PONY 02 is not enough for you, don’t wait and invest in other types of sets, because their versatility means you can combine all the pieces to each other.

There’s only one thing left. Free up your imagination and start building at full throttle!!!

Technical details

Packing dimensions:              47 x 39,0 x 9,5 cm

Total weight:                            6 kg

Number of parts in the construction set:

  • beam – 51 pieces
  • connecting rod – 50 pieces
  • pulley wheel – 2 pieces
  • small wheel – 4 pieces
  • large wheel - 2 pieces
  • peg – 65 pieces
  • wooden hammer – 1 piece
  • shake-out rod – 2 pieces
  • rope – 8 m
  • rubber – 1 m

Total number of parts in the construction set = 182 pieces + rope + rubber


Pony in TV Nova



Pony mini

Pony mini

Even such a small amount of parts is enough for assembling interesting toys. Everything you make up in PONY Mini can be used in other versions of the construction set. But your constructions will be multiply bigger.




Pony world

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