... it is the entrance to the world of the PONY.


The PONY Mini is the smallest type of the PONY construction set series. You can use this construction set to build a tricycle, scooter, pony, cart, crane and mill – although in the Mini version, but sufficiently large and strong enough for the kids to ride on!

The PONY Mini is good not only for the little ones among us, but also for those who would first like to try the PONY construction set and so see if they can tear themselves away from it.


Samples of constructions - PONY Mini

Further information

The individual instructions and assemblies are shown on the back side of the set. Using these instructions, children can assemble toys with the help of their parents, later by themselves. After they have gone through the instructions, they can use their imagination and creativity to think of their own toys. It is necessary to remember that for children to create their own toys, they need both enough material and an audience to appreciate their efforts and be available for the presentation. You can of course purchase additional types of construction sets for the PONY Mini. It is because construction sets are universal that you can combine individual pieces to create larger works.

All you have to do now is unpack it and build!!!

Technical details

Packing dimensions:              43,5 x 39,0 x 3,5 cm

Total weight:                            1,9 kg

Number of parts in the construction set:

  • beam – 16 pieces
  • connecting rod – 17 pieces
  • pulley wheel – 1 piece
  • small wheel – 4 pieces
  • peg – 30 pieces
  • wooden hammer – 1 piece
  • shake-out rod – 2 pieces
  • rope – 5 m
  • rubber – 0.70 m

Total number of parts in the construction set = 71 pieces + rope + rubber



Pony in TV Nova



Pony mini

Pony mini

Even such a small amount of parts is enough for assembling interesting toys. Everything you make up in PONY Mini can be used in other versions of the construction set. But your constructions will be multiply bigger.




Pony world

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